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Living in a Smart Home designed by EdGi Automation is like flying on autopilot! Your presence in a room is enough to allow your home to accommodate to your needs, but you can still change the mood with just a single click on
a switch or tap on a smartphone .

An EdGi Automation smart home is designed to be eco-friendly! Our products can also be more cost effective when used with renewable energy through the use of solar panels.

How many times have you walked into a room and said “The temperature in this room is perfect!”? Unfortunately, not many. The comfort level of a room with a perfectly set temperature can sometimes be overlooked. BUT when you walk into a room and the temperature automatically adjusts to your liking, there is no better way to relax!

Lighting in a Smart Home can completely change the atmosphere in a room. You can go from stressed to relaxed just by changing the brightness and color of the lighting. Why not have your home adjust your mood – a case of the Mondays? Not anymore! Just walk into your favorite room and have the lights adjust to any setting that brings that smile back!