Your Smart Home does a lot of your daily task for you without any interaction from you, but it is still nice to be able to tell your Smart Home to do something that might be outside your normal route. Imagine you have a family moment perfect to capture a selfie, but the lighting you normally enjoy is too bright. You can easily make the change with one touch with an EdGi Automation Smart Home, but some times you just don’t want to move and lose the moment. EdGi Automation can integrate Voice Control to your Smart Home using establish voice control services such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

Voice Control for your Smart Home

Control lights, blinds, heating, ventilation and all other connected devices in your home using the most natural interface, your voice. Set your most common daily routines and create complementary scenes with intuitive names that can be controlled by a touch or by your voice.


Smart Home technology shines the most when it succeeds in putting time back into your day. And having more time for the things that matter is far from just convenient, right?

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