Lighting has the ability to change the mood of a room and turn it from a space to gather and socialize to a space where you can relax and unwind.

Smart Lighting

EdGi Automation strives to create next level lighting designs. An impressive lighting design gives your Smart Home the opportunity to change the look and feel of a room over and over again.

In a Smart Home designed by EdGi Automation, you don’t have to look for a light switch or ask to turn on the lights. Your Real Smart Home will detect your movements and automatically ensure you get the illumination you need, while setting the color to match your mood. If you are off to bed and turn off all the lights, you don’t want to have to walk to the light switch in order to turn your lights back on just to go to the bathroom. Plus once the light is on, you have to quickly remember to dim the lights so you don’t wake your spouse. Then do it all again in order to go back to bed. Instead, wake up and let your smart lighting turn on and adjust the brightness to a comfortable setting to not fully wake you and turn off when you are back in bed.
When lighting is integrated in a full Smart Home design, the possibilities are endless. Wake up to a soft light right before your shades open to bring in natural sunlight into the room. Get up and stretch as you go to your bathroom and hear inspiring music to start your day right as the temperature adjusted to your preference.

Control Lighting can lead to a potential Energy Saving of 30%.
The best part: You don’t have to think about adjusting your lighting at all. Your Smart Home is doing it automatically.

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