Your Smart Home by EdGi Automation takes many daily tasks off your hands, giving you more time to focus on the more important things in your life.

Your home @ your fingertips

EdGi Automation believes that despite the intelligence flowing through every vein of your home, you shouldn’t need a complicated touch panel to keep control. Who wants to constantly turn lights on and off with their phone? An EdGi Automation designed Smart Home can bring your lights on and switch them off again automatically, but if you prefer to turn the lights on from a switch on the wall, you can do so. A uniform switch layout for the entire house ensures you’re never left wondering ‘which button does what?’.
Our partner has designed a beautiful app for your Smart Home for when you want
a little more control. Use it for setting the desired temperature in the bathroom, selecting your favorite playlist to accompany your inner-chef efforts in the kitchen, or simply to see an overview of your home’s energy consumption.
The nice thing about this functionality is that your home doesn’t require your interaction. It runs perfectly without the app, so it’s simple and fuss-free for all the family.

To keep things simple, we recommend you have the same function for each switch in the house. Use the central touch point for lighting and the four corners for blind and music control. Easy to remember, even for guests.

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