Control the temperature in every room individually, group them together, or better yet, let your Smart Home control it for you.

Always The Right Temperature

In a Smart Home by EdGi Automation, you can always expect the right temperature. We can design a Smart Home that can maintain different temperatures in different rooms, at different times of the day. Why heat or cool rooms that you are not in? Smart room climate control makes your Smart Home more energy efficient and allows your home to accommodate to your temperature needs in the rooms you want it to.

Your Smart Home can also make use of the automatic shading or ventilation units for greater efficiency in reaching the ideal temperature. Imagine getting home after a long hot summer day and all you could think about is getting some shut eye before the family gets home. Just walk into your bedroom and the shades close, the lights adjust to a relaxing mood, the audio plays ocean waves in the background, and the temperature adjusts just perfect enough to get under the soft blanket. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. This is the reality that can be achieved with a fully automated Smart Home by EdGi Automation.

Save 12.5% on your energy bill with smart zoned heating
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