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EdGi Automation is proud to partner with Loxone as a Silver Partner.

EdGi Automation and Loxone came together with one goal…to design TRUE Smart Homes. With so many smart devices available in the market, consumers are faced with the burden of researching what product works best for lighting, heating and cooling, security, and the list goes on and on. Then you find that perfect product for that specific need, only to find that there are compatibility issues with other devices that interfere with fully integrating your Smart Home. Next thing you know, you have multiple applications controlling multiple features of your Smart Home. Does that sound smart? Loxone saw the problem and created the products to allow EdGi Automation to resolve the issue.

EdGi Automation and Loxone can make your Smart Home capabilities endless. Imagine before you wake up in the morning, the house gets to work. Your blinds open gradually to wake you with natural sunlight while soft music fades in and fills the room.

Imagine, before you’re even out of bed, your home turns on the heating and lighting, opens the blinds throughout the house and warms the towel rack for you… without lifting a finger. If you get up in the night, low level lighting guides your path to the bathroom or to check on the children. Once you’re back in bed, it switches off again. Now we are talking Smart and now we are talking about EdGi Automation.

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The place where you can do anything you want. The home that warms the floor before you get out of bed and puts your favorite song on. We offer premium home automation systems with personalization features.

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