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Welcome to a true Smart Home

Make Your Home Smarter

EdGi Automation believes your home should be somewhere you can relax and unwind – your HAPPY place! Nothing is more relaxing than not doing anything. Let your Smart Home adjust to your needs. EdGi Automation is a one stop shop that has over 150 ways to integrate your entire home in order to achieve a TRUE smart home experience.

Lighting with a WOW Factor

Temperature just right

Multiroom audio

Cloud-free Simple control

How It Works

A Smart Home
Like Never Before

Control Lighting

Lighting in a Smart Home can completely change the atmosphere in a room. You can go from stressed to relaxed just by changing the brightness and color of the lighting. Why not have your home adjust your mood – a case of the Mondays? Not anymore! Just walk into your favorite room and have the lights adjust to any setting that brings that smile back!

Adjust Climate

How many times have you walked into a room and said “The temperature in this room is perfect!”? Unfortunately, not many. The comfort level of a room with a perfectly set temperature can sometimes be overlooked. BUT when you walk into a room and the temperature automatically adjusts to your liking, there is no better way to relax!

Use Eco Energy

An EdGi Automation smart home is designed to be eco-friendly! Our products can also be more cost effective when used with renewable energy through the use of solar panels.

Simple Control

Living in a Smart Home designed by EdGi Automation is like flying on autopilot! Your presence in a room is enough to allow your home to accommodate to your needs, but you can still change the mood with just a single click on
a switch or tap on a smartphone .

Control Lighting
Adjust Climate
Use Eco Energy
Simple Control
Manage Your smart house from anywhere easily

Three Ways to Control
Your Home

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You can control everything in your house with one application. Use your phone to monitor your home from any part of the globe.

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